Why, Thank You!

We would like to thank one of our awesome blog followers, Rachel, for nominating us for the Versatility in Blogging Award. We’re flattered! Now that we’ve been nominated, we will return the favour and nominate some of our fave versatile blogs and answer some questions about ourselves (nomination protocol).

1. Fellow versatile bloggers we love: they keep us laughing, thinking, eating better and scrutinizing our wardrobes all year-long.

  • Fashion by The Golden Gals: Talk about fashion versatility. Check out the great inspiration boards the girls are putting together over there; great for many different styles, situations and weather challenges (ugh, winter in Canada).
  • RQ Magazine: Hilary has been chronicling everything interesting, new, cool, and fun in Waterloo Region for 974 posts. Even though she is now taking a little holiday break, head over for a synopsis of KW’s latest events and happenings.
  • Oh She Glows: Want to know who to make anything vegan? Angela is a pro at turning all types of dishes into animal free magic on a plate. Every recipe I have made from this site – breakfast, snacks, smoothies, entrees, cheese swaps – have been delicious and easy to assemble.
  • 50 Year Project: The author’s challenge is to challenge to visit 192 countries, read 1,001 books, and watch the top 100 movies. Visit this site for beautiful photographs too.
  • Healthful Pursuit: Leanne has lots of great recipe posts and running tips.
  • Little City Farm: This urban homestead in Kitchener is an inspiration. Scroll through their blog for herbal remides, recipes, homesteading, and interesting green reads.
  • Weyward Sisters:  Three witty and brilliant sisters blog about everything from fashion, to politics, to pop culture.
  • A Clean Surface: Rayme provides tips and strategies to help us all simplify, organize, and enjoy our lives.
  • Riding the Fourth Wave: A feminist perspective on nearly everything.
  • Book Chaos:  Amanda reviews books from her eclectic collection – her posts are a great way to choose your next read.

2. Again, thanks to our nominees, you’re all wonderful.  We’ve linked to you and are heading to your sites to post comments…..now.

3. Seven random things about the loveletterstostrangers team:

  • Lisa: I can’t stop fidgeting. It’s an addiction. I twirl my hair, bite my cuticles, tap pens…. God, I’m annoying.
  • Tracy: I am the proud owner of the meanest cat in Canada; she’ll bite, hiss at and terrify anyone who walks through my door.  The fact that she loves (or at least tolerates) me makes me all kinds of happy.
  • Lisa: I love getting lost in the outdoors. One day I want to do this. Adventure!
  • Tracy:  I spent my December holiday watching Firefly, so I guess 2012 isn’t the year I suddenly become cool.
  • Lisa: I’m a crazy animal lady. If you will listen, I will totally bore you with tales of the dog park and how cute my cat looks when she tries to get in a box that is too small for her. It’s a problem.
  • Tracy: I can be bribed with Tootsie Rolls and Rockets.
  • Lisa and Tracy: we’re such a good team. We will try anything the other is interested in with no questions asked.

4. And a big thank you to the blogger who nominated us, Rachel!

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12 thoughts on “Why, Thank You!

  1. What the hell?! Thanks & muah!
    And watching Firefly is an excellent way to spend a wintry month. Have you watched “Serenity” the film culmination yet? It will rock your ever-lovin’ world.

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