Love on Two Wheels

2011 will go down in my personal history as the year I rekindled my love affair with bicycles. Confession: it’s been many, many years since I have been on a bike. A bad accident back in the day soured me against anything with two wheels. As time marched forward, my memory wore down and my desire to hit the pavement increased.  And so, with my hard-earned tax refund, I headed out and purchased a shiny new bike. Continue reading

The Writing on the Wall

Earlier, in a love letter to my apartment, I mentioned that I’m in the process of courting a new home.  Well friends, last night my apartment and I took things to the next level (before this gets weird, let me say that this “apartment love” talk is a clumsy attempt at anthropomorphism, not a clumsy confession of my secret objectum sexuality).  Anyway, I painted a wall.

Continue reading