Installed: Scarf Organization for the Lazy and Cheap

Ever since hipsters revived colourful, jaunty scarves, these scraps of fabric have become a sartorial favourite. I have fallen victim to scarf overload and often find that I forget about that cute blue and white striped number or the fun leopard print silk from Italy. Determined to give all my scarves equal time in the spotlight, I was on a mission: find a scarf organizing contraption that was modern, cheap, and useful.

Like a good librarian, I did some research. I Googled around to see if such a thing already existed. Apparently many people share my scarf-mania, since I found lots of DIY scarf organizing projects. None of these projects appealed to me; I didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money creating the perfect system. I don’t love my scarves that much. Continue reading

A Room of One’s Own

October marks the two year anniversary of owning my home. In this time, many small home improvement projects have been started and some have even been completed.  Upon purchase, the house was (mostly) move-in ready, with the exception of one hideous bedroom. I claimed the ugly duckling room as my own and started renovating.

Carpet was ripped up, walls were painted, a new light fixture was installed, artwork was hung, and new floors were laid (I have to give a shout out to my wonderfully handy partner in crime – no, not Tracy – for doing the lion’s share of the work. Thanks baby!).  I finally had a beautiful room for my very own.

Besides populating the closet and a hand-me-down chest of drawers, I wasn’t sure what to put in my room.  Over the past two years, it has mostly sat empty as I waited for inspiration to strike. Then, it hit me:  With the start of our blog, I was suddenly in need of a writing desk. Continue reading

It’s Friday and I’m in Love

Happy Friday, all! This week seemed somehow…off. I don’t know if it’s the changing temperatures or the summer-fun hangover, but there’s a sense of tiredness in the air.

Photo of neighbourhood in Uptown Waterloo

I think it is very important to listen to our bodies and respond accordingly. I was so exhausted the last two days, the thought of waking up early to lace up my running shoes was pure torture. Instead, I slept in both days, and when I woke up, enjoyed a hot cup of chai tea and pumpkin pie oats. With local maple syrup – yum.

The fall is the perfect time to rest and recuperate. As much as I love to be constantly moving, space must be made for calm and quiet. Despite a busy weekend, I plan on loving myself and making space for calm by sleeping in tomorrow, heading to a morning yoga class, cooking a good meal Saturday (with my current favourite wine), and then finishing a couple projects that have been hanging over my head on Sunday (keep and eye out next week for some fun DIY posts). I will also be making some space for fun local events.

What will you be doing this weekend to rest and restore after a busy, but joyful, summer?